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Plugin e-mailing wordpress

Plugin e-mailing service est comme sont nom l’indique un plugin pour envoyer des e-mailings avec wordpress ( newsletter avec wordpress) .

Send newsletters (emails) with wordpress

Functionality of the plugin :

Managing contacts (emails)

  • Creating mailing lists Unlimited
  • Unlimited numbers of recipients
  • Creating mailing lists with parameterizable fields
  • Import recipients (email)
  • Change recipients (email)
  • Unsubscribe automatic subscribers (email)
  • Export recipients (email) txt, csv or excel file
  • Changing subscriber lists
  • Removing subscriber lists

Template for newsletter

  • Import template newsletters zip and automatic installation
  • See template of newsletters in an iframe on the editor
  • Button to copy a template automatically in the newsletter editor
  • Editing and deleting templates newsletters


  • Creation from models previewing newsletters
  • Variables (shortcode) Automatic possible on your list, so lets add fields like name and first name automatically in your newsletter.
  • Rewriting links (rewritting) Automatic
  • Editing and deleting newsletters

UNSUBSCRIBE link and link of the newsletter online

  • Removing subscriber lists
  • Link for viewing the newsletter online

Articles and pages

  • Editing and deleting newsletters
  • Integrated model for new links, but changed

Send newsletter

  • Programming the possible date of shipment
  • Additional tracking can
  • Script for multi-server sending email
  • Ability to pause or stop the campaign
  • Followed by the online campaign

SMTP setting

  • Works with all SMTP (gmail …) servers
  • Automatic configuration with our SMTP servers

Management NPAI

  • Optional management bounces can automatically remove invalid email
  • View a glance antispam messages or other

Management blacklist

  • Optional management blacklists monitors your or your SMTP server and in case you are on a list you provide the link to unsubscribe
  • SpamScore (note notoriety your mailing) important for hotmail updated every 4 hours.


  • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes by ISP
  • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes, by country
  • Statistics openings, clicks Unsubscribe by sending
  • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes, by tracking
  • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes, per server
  • Graphic widget on the dashboard for clicks, smtp, status
  • SMTP statistics if you have an SMTP server with us


  • Subscribe to your recipient list parametrable


  • management of configurable alerts
  • Sending alert newsletter
  • Alert newsletter finished
  • registration alert
  • SMTP alert status
  • blacklist alert
  • daily Report

Faq and support

  • Access to the FAQ and support integrated plugin